[TransWarp] fmtparse - recursive grammar

Oleg Broytmann phd at work.phd.pp.ru
Fri Jun 13 15:39:20 EDT 2003


   Can I parse a recursive grammar using fmtparse?

   For example, I want to parse queries like this:
and(1, or(xxx, yyy))
or(month, and(ttt, uuu))
   and so on. EBNF grammar is something like

query -> and_or(query, ...)
and_or -> and | or

   (without all annoying details).

   Now I am trying to write a parser:

from peak.util.fmtparse import *

and_or = Alternatives("and", "or")
query = Sequence(and_or, '(', query, ')')

   Oops, query referenced before assignment...

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