[TransWarp] Template parsing and XML/HTML processing design

Ty Sarna tsarna at sarna.org
Mon Jul 21 14:30:58 EDT 2003

> At 05:56 PM 7/21/03 +0200, Roch=E9 Compaan wrote:
> I do want to get the terminology firmed up soon, though, or it'll be 
> difficult to do any development with peak.web.  So, I'm open for 
> suggestions on what sounds better.  Here are some ideas to get you started:
> "model" words: subject, data, target, source, content

I like data best, I think.  target is good.  subject is ok.  source
is too overloaded (view source, source code etc), content makes me think
it somehow only applies to spanning tags or something.

> "view" words: format, renderer, control, component, widget, gadget, 
> display, type

I like format best. renderer is ok but longish. component is waaaaay
overloaded. control, widget, and gadget make me think of active form
elements first, since in some GUI systems, a label or other display-only
element is not a widget/control/gadget (in particular "gadget" reminds
me of the Amiga, and the idea of output-only gadgets came very late there)

"Data" and "format" have a timeless clarity that really appeals to me,
like even a recently-cryogenically-unfrozen programmer from 1970 would
know what you were talking about :-)

> Hmmm..  you know, if you used "show" as the XML namespace, you'd have:
> <table show:what="tabulardata" show:how="list">
> Interesting.  :)  'show:pattern' is a little odd, though.  Maybe <tr 
> show:as="listItem"> or <tr show:this="listItem">?
> I'd definitely want some feedback on the show: idea before I'd implement 
> it, though, as I'm worried it might be too cutesy.  The other problem is 
> that it doesn't translate well back to the implementation.  'addThis()' 
> wouldn't be a very nice replacement for the current 'addPattern()'.  And I 
> don't really want to talk about "how components" and "what components", as 
> this could lead to some Who's-On-First-isms.  :)

In some ways I kinda like this, but I'd need to think on it a bit to be
sure.  Also, I would be totally confused with "how" vs "as".  I'm
showing this thing how? List.  But I'm not showing it *as* a list? it's
hard to even answer "how" without wanting to use "as".  In fact, I think
I'd want to use "as" for what "how" meant, and then have some other word
replace "as".  I dunno. 

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