[TransWarp] ZConfig and MS-like file paths

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Jul 15 09:38:24 EDT 2003

At 03:27 PM 7/15/03 +0300, Yaroslav Samchuk wrote:

>I was trying to use "file:e:/src/Test/App/app_config.xml". In this case I 
>also have an InvalidName exception.

Interesting.  I don't get that error when I use a similarly constructed 
(i.e. all forward slashes w/ file:drive: at the front) URL.

>Using "file:e:\\src\\Test\\App\\app_config.xml", I have IOError exception 
>([2] File or directory not found '')

I found the problem.  It is in PEAK.  It's an issue with how file: URLs are 
converted back to filenames.  I've checked in a fix.  You should now be 
able to use the pattern "file:e:\src\Test\App\app_config.xml" to specify 
such a file.

By the way, the "technically correct" way to specify such a URL is:


which is hideous, but will work with or without the fix.  Unfortunately, to 
use it on the command line, you may have to escape the '|', leading to:


Only I'm not sure whether you *can* escape the | symbol from a Windows 
command prompt. Sigh.

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