[TransWarp] current status of twisted+PEAK sample app

Joel Boehland joel at memes.com
Thu Jul 10 02:40:38 EDT 2003

Hi PEAK-sters,
I thought I'd send in what we have so 
far in creating a sample PEAK+twisted 
sample app. We have the quick and simple 
app working, but the cannonical zconfig 
enabled server isn't. I'm sure its just 
because I don't understand ZConfig very 
well at all, so I'm hoping someone more 
experienced will just be able to step in 
and see what is wrong fairly quickly.

To see the running app, just change the 
file run-tp so the python path points to 
your twisted directory (If you installed 
twisted via setup.py you can omit this 
step). Then just execute the file 
run-tp, and use telnet to connect to 
port 8090 and you should see the 
echoserver echo any input you send it. 
In the same run-tp file, you can see a 
commented out command that I tried to 
use to run it that doesn't work using 
the invoke executable.

To see the failing app you can try 
running the run-tp-echo.zcml. This is 
what I'd like to get working, so if 
anyone has any ideas for getting this to 
work, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks to pje, and _jpl_ from the #peak 
irc channel for providing a lot of help 
in getting it this far, and helping me 
understand PEAK better.

Joel Boehland
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