[TransWarp] peak.model refactoring coming

Jean Jordaan jean at upfrontsystems.co.za
Fri Jan 31 11:28:13 EST 2003

 > If anybody knows where to get a hold of some source code, or better
 > yet, *detailed* descriptions of the LEAPS algorithm, let me know.

Just Googling blind, extremely unlikely to turn up anything that's
news to you, but maybe just to help me figure out what you're
thinking about ..

leaps() performs an exhaustive search for the best subsets of the 
variables in x for predicting y in linear regression, using an e cient 
branch-and-bound algorithm. It is a compatibility wrapper for regsubsets 
does the same thing better.


Seems that the GNU implementation, R, of the maths language S has a
"leaps library" --- wonder if that's open source? Sounds like these
guys should know:

Here's CiteSeer's list of papers that cite Furnival & Wilson's
Regression by leaps and bounds. Technometrics 16: 499-511, 1974:


No idea if that's even the leaps algorithm you refer to!

Jean Jordaan

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