[TransWarp] making progress using current PEAK features.

Ulrich Eck ueck at net-labs.de
Thu Jan 30 10:24:42 EST 2003

Hi Phillip,

i just wanted to state, that I make good progress in using
peak binding/config/naming/storage modules.

Last year i started with a Component-Model with TransWarp
for wxPython that i now refactor to use the latest
functionality of peak.

i took your xmi-storage as example how to build up
component-trees from xml.

I have lots of different classes in my Model
and split them up into seperate modules.

In your MailExample (storage/tests/xmi.py) you use the
"referencedType" attribute of features, looking up the type
in the acquisition-tree of your Model.

Because i split of all those classes (from those the model
is composed) into submodules, i ran into trouble with
the lookupComponent. (i do not use setupModule ..
i import the child-classes from another module into the
model, so these child-classes parents are the
sub-modules themselfs)

to bring back the ability of typeObjects i introduced a
new naming-provider "wxtype:String" for example that is
used for datatype-lookup.

i configured this provider with a local peak-config-file.

all this works very well.

does the above sound basically right to you ??

Ulrich Eck
net-labs Systemhaus GmbH
Ebersberger Str. 46
85570 Markt Schwaben
fon:   +49-8121-4747-11
fax:   +49-8121-4747-77
email: ueck at net-labs.de

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