[TransWarp] peak and zope3

Ulrich Eck ueck at net-labs.de
Tue Jan 14 13:49:47 EST 2003

> AFAIK, Interface should be compatible, in that my patches made it back.  Many of my patches for Persistence have not
> been accepted, however.  I'm not sure why, since I included tests to show why the existing package was broken.
> Anyway, the irony is that Interface is compatible, but won't work right if you have two versions in different
> namespaces.  Conversely, Persistence isn't the same, but will probably be able to work under two different namespaces.

i just asked jim about how the interface packages should be used and he said that all the packages in the zope.xx
except app are packages that have no dependencies with the app-server (just use the package zope to group them 

will you change peak to use that package structure as well?
if so, the namespace problems for interface would not exist anymore, right ?

For the Persistence package i cannot yet comment, cause i haven't look at your modifications and know to little
about why and what.
are there threads in some mailinglists that i could read ?

> In principle, you should also be able to replace much of what used to be called the ComponentArchitecture module with
> PEAK component tools.  Utility lookups, for example, but also services and adapters, could be done using PEAK.  I'm
> not sure whether we'll do that ourselves; it depends on how useful ZCML turns out to be and how much integration with
> PEAK configuration we need for such things.  If we end up using ZCML just to define security and views and such for
> Zope, then there'll be little overlap or need for overlap, and we won't bother with such "brain surgery" to merge the
> two.
Yeah .. one of the nice things in z3 .. that one can replace stuff with just changing configuration :)
but basically i do not want to reinvent the wheel.

ZCML will be replaced with ZConfig as soon as it becomes stable i think.

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