[TransWarp] peak and zope3

Ulrich Eck ueck at net-labs.de
Tue Jan 14 08:54:06 EST 2003

Hello Phillip,

I'm prototyping some infrastructure for our application
and want to combine peak and zope3.

What potentional problems are there ?

 - incompatibilties of Interface/Persistence packages
   after z3 namegeddon, the Interface packages is now
   known as zope.interface, the Persistence package
   is now known as persistence. the module-names have

   are there any plans to get in sync with zope3 packages
   and what are the problems there if any ?

 - Persistence/Interface package modifications.
   afaik you made some modifications to persistence and
   interface that did not (yet) make it into the original
   sources. Are there any talks/plans going on to overcome this.
   if not .. is there a chanche to use one of/both for peak/z3 ?

 - ???

Basically i want to create content-types from elements, manage
them in DataManagers and supply views in zope3ish style. Furthermore
i'ld build services from components on the server side.

I want to build the ClientApplication with wxPython using a similar approach
than you do for reading/writing XMI/MOF (data from xml-wx-resources and
schema is used to build the necessary components for the GUI)

Threrefore i would use Zope3 server as kind of middleware that manages
security, transactions, concurrency, persistence (partly).

is this possible yet .. if not, what needs to be done to make it work ?

Thanks for your coments

Ulrich Eck
net-labs Systemhaus GmbH
Ebersberger Str. 46
85570 Markt Schwaben
fon:   +49-8121-4747-11
fax:   +49-8121-4747-77
email: ueck at net-labs.de

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