[TransWarp] PEAK Tutor

beno zope at thewebsons.com
Fri Jan 3 10:18:24 EST 2003

Hi, Philip (or did this make the list?);
I'm looking for someone whom I can pay to tutor me. My project is to build 
a robust open-source shopping cart (and to train myself in the process). 
The tutor would have to have the time to help me (although the demands on 
time will not be great). S/he would have to be skilled in the following:
* PEAK (as skilled as one can be in this new field)
* Zope (hopefully with an understanding of Z3)
* Python
* Functional Programming (would be nice)
and someone who is a competent programmer. The way I will interact with 
this person is to ask for help when I get stuck (and it's too deep to 
request help from the d'lists). A worked example showing me my error (or a 
better way) will suffice; then I'll go work the rest of the program out 
with that example corrected. Then I'll come across another problem and the 
cycle will start again.

I'm sure I won't require much of this tutor's time, but it's important s/he 
get back to me within a day or two to keep things moving. It's not like I 
don't have other things to do during down time ;)

Please send correspondence to:
beno -at- webmaster.vi

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