[TransWarp] CVS-related issues; changed setup; testing wanted

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Sat Apr 19 15:47:57 EDT 2003

If you're working from CVS, be advised that we've had another 
directory-changing update, to add 'zope.interface' and 'persistence', and 
remove the older versions thereof.  Be sure to freshen your directories with:

cvs update -dPA

to ensure all the old directories go away and the new ones come in.

Also, if you're on a platform with a case insensitive filesystem (i.e. 
Windows), this isn't sufficient, because CVS gets confused about the 
difference between 'Persistence' (old) and 'persistence' (new).  You need 
to blow away your CVS checkout and redo it.  I could tell you what I did to 
get my checkout to work again, but at this point I almost wish I'd just 
blown it away and started over.  :(

Also, be sure to delete 'peak', 'Interface', and 'Persistence' from your 
site-packages directory or anywhere else you've installed PEAK before 

Last, but far from least, I've updated 'setup.py' to do some smarter 
installation.  If it detects 'zope.component' on the Python path, it 
assumes Zope X3 is installed and it doesn't install packages that are part 
of Zope X3.

Or, to put it another way, PEAK requires Zope X3, but if you don't have it 
on your Python path, PEAK will automatically install the parts of Zope it 
needs.  Isn't that nice of it?  :)

Anyway, that's the theory.  I have scarcely tested this at all.  It 
installs on my Linux box, Python 2.2.2, no Zope.  Ditto on my Windows 
machine, Python 2.2.2, with Pyrex installed.

But... I don't test RPMs or other binary installs, I haven't tested with 
Zope installed, haven't tested Python 2.3a2, etc.  So if you use some 
combination of the above, please let me know if you find any problems with 
the current checkout.  Thanks.

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