[TransWarp] Whoops...

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Apr 15 18:37:36 EDT 2003

At 06:13 PM 4/15/03 -0400, Phillip J. Eby wrote:
>* PEAK now has dependencies to Twisted.  This isn't such a big deal, since 
>it's only for the parts we need, and only from daemons and Zope X3 
>publishing.  We can define our own interfaces for the parts we need, and 
>wrap all our contact with Twisted into a PEAK component, set up as a 
>utility available via 'peak.ini'.

Aaargh...  I forgot to check Twisted's license.  It's 
LGPL.  Blecchh.  That's not nearly as big of an issue as GPL would be, but 
it's still a pain.  Not for PEAK as such, since PEAK wouldn't fall under 
its terms if we don't distribute Twisted with it.  But a commercial 
application built with PEAK that used Twisted would wind up with the LGPL 
section 6 obligations...  specifically, inclusion of Twisted's copyright 
notice (with any software-displayed copyright notices), granting the user 
permission to modify the system, and one of the 5 acceptable ways to ensure 
the user has access to source and ability to modify the library as used 
with the commercial application.  (Technically, this latter part is 
automatically accomplished if the Twisted modules are installed as normal, 
replaceable files, or even as a 'twisted.zip' file for Python 2.3, since 
Python's import process could then be considered a "suitable shared library 
mechanism" under section 6b.)

I don't think these three things are unbearable requirements, for a single 
and immense library like Twisted that is also distributed separately and 
used for a clearly delineated subset of PEAK applications.  But I thought I 
should bring this up for the community to comment on, as appropriate.

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