[TransWarp] more mdl_XXX methods ?

Ulrich Eck ueck at net-labs.de
Wed Apr 2 08:28:13 EST 2003

Hi Phillip,

a few times i wanted to have more functionality from the model
element/feature/type classes.

currently we have:
mdl_fromString (fromString) -> Convert string to state
mdl_fromFields (fromFields) -> Convert sequence to state

would it be possible to add the following methods to peak.model-classes:

mdl_fromXML (fromXML) -> Convert XML to state

mdl_toString (toString) -> Convert state to string
mdl_toFields (toFields) -> Convert state to fields
mdl_toXML (toXML) -> Convert state to XML

one cannot add these methods easily because the setup
is done via metaclasses - that would mean, i need to
extend supertypes but cannot reuse the standard
model.Attribute/Collection/... classes but need to
define them by myself

the default-implementation would probably be "NotImplemented"
but then i'ld only have to write that stuff for the TypeClasses
and i'm done

what do you think about that ???



Ulrich Eck
net-labs Systemhaus GmbH
Ebersberger Str. 46
85570 Markt Schwaben - Germany

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