[TransWarp] PEAK Tutorial

Ulrich Eck ueck at net-labs.de
Wed Nov 13 17:20:58 EST 2002

Hi Phillip,

> Understood.  I'd like to have some useful example applications, but until
> we finish the rest of the 0.5 release plans, there aren't many generally
> useful programs we can write that show off the framework.  The binding,
> config, and naming packages are extremely useful as *part* of an
> application, and could be used to develop sysadmin-ish scripts and tools,
> but "real" apps want a domain model and storage capabilities.

at least config and naming are really new to us (didn't have such a thing
with Transwarp) and some (complete) snippets would help alot to
get into it without having to dig through all the code guessing how
it could work.

We have experience in using the binding package and i can probably
guess how the storage parts work.

you have a note about a small script from ty .. would it be possible
to give this as an example (all needed files) on how config and naming
works ??

that would save us a lot of time ..
and like i said before, we're willing to help writing howto's
and examples like i did it for Transwarp 0.2

what do you think ??

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