[TransWarp] Working on LDAPModel ...

Ulrich Eck ueck at net-labs.de
Fri May 17 08:38:20 EDT 2002

Hi Phillip,

>> Are you interested, that i contribute these enhancements?
> I'd certainly like to take a look at them, and see what I can learn from
> them.

I still need to work in the issues i wrote in my last mail. I'll send
you my work when i think it's worth to look at it :)

> I assume you're talking about some type of server which is handling
> multiple transactions at the same time, like a multi-threaded Zope.
> Naturally, you would simply create an instance of your top-level
> application object for each simultaneous instance you would like to run.
> This is basically what Zope does.  Like Zope, you'd create a pool of
> top-level objects and draw on them to serve individual transactions,
> returning them to the pool when done.

We don't use Zope at all with our project.
we have a central StorageService that handles requests using pyro.
different transactions have different transaction-contexts that are
sent with the requests. the server is multithreaded and needs
to handle different requests at the same time, using the transaction
that is specified within the context.

so i would have an instance of my StorageServer (including it's database,
credentials, connection) for each new Transaction and destroy it when the
transaction is finished .. did i get this right ???

thanks for your help

Ulrich Eck
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