[TransWarp] RFC: PEAK package organization, continued

Ulrich Eck ueck at net-labs.de
Thu Jun 20 07:57:38 EDT 2002

Hi Phillip,

> Module Inheritance API
> ----------------------
> Does anybody have any opinions one way or the other on this?  Any
> suggestions for better names of the individual functions?

Will the standart usage of PEAK be the same as in TW:
from peak.api import * ??

if yes, does this mean, that one needs to write
"binding.setupModule()" at the end of every Module ??

isn't module-inheritance one of "the" central parts of peak ??
if you think so .. I'ld prefer to have it straight there as it is yet ...

> Proposed 'deployment' package
> -----------------------------

basically this is fine ..
> Comments, anyone?  Is this too broad a scope?  Is there a better name
> than peak.deployment?  Anything that should be added or removed from the
> proposed scope list?

I'm not sure if it helps using the package, if e.g. there is a DataModel at
another place than the database-drivers .. as well as using the 
and their providers from different locations ...

I'ld prefer to have a Datamodel with it's drivers at a well-known place,
the same for naming and it's providers. this is just my feeling that speaks 

> So far, the proposed PEAK overall layout looks like this:
> peak.api         - quick access to API functions and subpackage API's
> peak.binding     - tools for connecting and instantiating components
> peak.naming      - interpretation of names and their referents
> peak.model       - structural components of an application's domain model
> peak.deployment  - interfacing with the environment an app lives in
> (This is ignoring, peak.metamodels, peak.tests, and peak.util, which are
> not normally used by applications at this time.)
> Thoughts?  Are we headed in the right direction?

yes ..

do you have an idea, how much of restructuring is done yet .. will the 
basic concepts stay
as they were invented for TransWarp (binding,model for example) and is 
there an approximate
timeline for peak-0.2??

we decided to stay with current TransWarp till peak-restructuring settles 
down a bit, so we
cannot help testing your stuff at the moment .. we need to finish a preview 
of our stuff till
beginning of autum, and we cannot catch up with all the changes at the 
moment ...

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