[TransWarp] Documentation Plans for PEAK

Ulrich Eck ueck at net-labs.de
Fri Dec 13 04:39:09 EST 2002

Hi Phillip,

> Finally, the "Developer's Guide" will be a collection of illustrations
> and commentary on the major use cases for each package, along with much
> of the kind of material that is now in the early tutorial draft.  But the
> organization will be different, downplaying sequential presentation in
> favor of compact, separately usable (and writable!) components.

bravo :) .. i think that's the right way for now. Only a few interested
developers will have a chanche to jump in right now and for those
it's quite hard without the snippets you're planning to do now.

> Per Roche and Ulrich's previous comments about docs and sample apps,
> though, I realize I've got to get a lot more information out there about
> certain parts of the existing code base before anybody can really write a
> good sample app...  which means I need to start writing developer guide
> articles.  :)

I've been in Rotterdam sprinting with the Workflow-Group and right now
i'm working on some core parts of z3 including Task Schedule and 

I'ld love to start some discussion of how peak components could be used
within Zope3 .. after all i think i understood most of the concepts of z3
and find it very interesting to think about combining it with peak :)
(did some lobbying for peak there as well ;-)

We suggested a naming-provider for Pyro, which i think we'll try to start
working on during january. i wrote some little backup tool that uses
a sql-database for storing md5-hashes that doesn't yet use peak but
it could be rewritten to do so (configuration, database, etc).

Those examples would not depend on gui or z3 so there is no complex
framework to understand before diving into peak concepts.

what do you think ?

I really want to help and push peak forward to a usable state.

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