[TransWarp] is there a chance that SEF class-tree's will be pickle-able??

Ulrich Eck ueck at net-labs.de
Thu Apr 4 09:52:35 EST 2002

Hi phillip,

>> Is there a chance that we can use Pyro with SEF/Transwarp (Class-Trees)
>> someday?
> If pickling is the only problem, then yes.  I'm curious, however, why you
> would need to pickle an entire application for use with Pyro; it seems
> strange to me to send an entire application over-the-wire!

the point here is, that i have a setup like this:

several processes/parts running on different machines e.g.:

1. DataManager (DM):
  - uses SEF.Database (here is the first ClassTree i want to use)
  - everytime an object changes, other services (on other machines)
    need to know about this change and have the right to veto.

2. TransactionManager (TM):
  - controls all transactions
  - e.g. DataManager registers it's object-changes to TM
    and only if all other Services (e.g. ImapFolder-Service)
    succeed with the changes, the data is written by the DM

3. Controller:
  - knows, which Service needs to be informed about the current change
  - keeps track of the status of the modifications

4. XXX-Service:
  - e.g. Service for creating HomeDir's, ImapFolders, DNS/DHCP configs ...
  - runs on all hosts, that need to be changed for a certain mod.

5. Administrative-Client(AC):
  - GUI or WebBased Client for Administrative Tasks.

the best example why i want to access class-trees is the DataManager:

from my AC i would like to say:

and get back an MyDatabase.Accounts.PosixAccount Element.

without using an interface for every single Element-Type (when using
CORBA for example) it would be necessary to transfer the bytecode
of the current Element-Definition over the net (most convinient solution).

this is why i tried to transfer the App .. it was just a test if the
above would be possible ...

.. any comments ??

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