[TransWarp] Zope Framework News.

Erik Enge erik at thingamy.net
Sat Oct 6 09:58:22 EDT 2001

[Patrick K. O'Brien]

| I can't speak for the TransWarp folks, having just joined the list
| myself.  But I think this is a good idea and want to wish you luck.

Thank you!  It's much appretated. :)

| How can one receive your ZF News?

I (we, me and Kamon Ayeva) will be announcing them on zope-announce
and submitting them on the zope-dev-summary mailinglist¹.  I'm also
putting them on <URL:http://nittin.net/erik/summaries/>.

¹ <URL:http://www.thingamy.com/mailman/listinfo/zope-dev-summaries>

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