[TransWarp] Zope Framework News.

Erik Enge erik at thingamy.net
Sat Oct 6 09:25:53 EDT 2001

Hi, guys.

I'm writing Zope Framework News this month.  It's a newsletter that
tries to get news from all frameworks that does something with or to
Zope and shares this news with a larger audience.  Maybe we'll see
that some of us are trying to the same things and that we all could
cooperate a little.

Would anyone from the TransWarp list be interested in writing a little
paragraph about what's new and hot in TransWarp the last months?  If
nothing new has happend, well, then that's news too.

What _will_ happen is of even greater interest! :-)

I hope this won't be considered intrusive.  If so, I apologize; just
let me know and I'll go away - I'm good that way.  :-)

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