[TransWarp] status of transwarp

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Sun Nov 11 17:53:16 EST 2001

At 11:39 PM 11/10/01 -0700, Joshua wrote:

>I am in the process of developing a commerce app for zope and was drawn
>to zpatterns. But it seems that development on it has basically stopped
>a while back and shifted to this. Is that correct?  If so.. Can
>transwarp be currently used for developing such an app or would it be
>better to stick to zpatterns?

Yes, and yes.  :)  As of a couple weeks ago, TransWarp has some rudimentary 
database access code, so yes, it "can" be used for this.  However, the 
answer to whether it's better to stick to ZPatterns, is also yes, because 
unless you're intimately familiar with TransWarp and willing to experiment 
with as-yet-undocumented things and to write lots of your own glue code, 
ZPatterns is a lot more ready-to-go where Zope applications are 
concerned.  TransWarp right now is primarily fit for applying 
aspect-oriented and generative programming paradigms to writing Python code 
(which can include Zope products) and experimenting with UML models in Python.

I think that chances are good there will be at least one or two production 
ZPublisher-based (but not full Zope) database-driven applications using 
TransWarp in their application frameworks before the end of the year.  But 
they'll be ones done by Ty and myself, that will drive the requirements for 
what we'd like TW to do.  Once the capabilities are there, then hopefully 
documentation and sample apps will start coming into play during the first 
half of 2002.

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