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Class: IDOMletRenderable ./src/peak/web/

Something that can be rendered in a template

Base Classes   
renderFor ( ctx,  state )

Write template's output by calling state.write() 0 or more times

ctx is an ITraversalContext for the object being rendered (e.g. the object the template is a method of). state is an IDOMletState component used to supply arbitrary properties/utilities to child DOMlets during template execution, and to provide access to the current output stream and IWebInteraction. Both of these parameters should be supplied to executed child nodes as-is, unless the current DOMlet wishes to change them. (For example, a TemplateDocument will normally change the context to point to its traversal predecessor, rather than using itself as the target of rendering.)

If a node wishes to add properties to the state for its children, it should create a new IDOMletState with the old state as its parent, then supply the new state to child nodes's renderFor() method.

Table of Contents

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