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Updating Project Wiki Pages from Docs using WikiUp
NEW in 1.1:
    The ``--changed-file`` or ``-f`` option now lets you specify a single
    file to upload. (See `Command-Line Usage`_ below for details.)
The WikiUp project defines a setuptools extension to allow uploading Wiki
pages from source documentation. It's primarily intended to be useful for
PEAK projects to update the PEAK Wiki, but other projects could make use of

given ``--config-file`` or ``-C`` to specify an alternate config file in place
of the local ``wikiup.cfg`` file.
Also, if you have many wiki pages, you can specify just a single filename to
update, using ``--changed-file`` or ``-f``. The file will be uploaded to all
the matching pages in the project's ``wikiup.cfg``. (Note: this option is
case-sensitive and must exactly match one or more filenames in ``wikiup.cfg``,
or nothing will be uploaded.)
The ``OldMoin`` Plugin

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