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Differences between version dated 2008-04-28 20:10:17 and 2008-05-23 12:49:23

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to support more fine-grained control over the behavior of rules and attributes,
including new features like "lazy" cells.
In 0.7a1, the older API is still present, but issues deprecation warnings. In
0.7a2, the old API will be removed altogether, so please update your code as
soon as possible to remove these warnings.
In 0.7a1, the older API was still present, but issued deprecation warnings. In
0.7a2, the old API has been removed altogether, so if you have not yet updated
your code, you will need to install the 0.7a1 version to do your porting before
you upgrade to 0.7a1 or higher.
The following is a quick guide to the differences between the old and new APIs.

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