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PJE's work on Python 2.5

Table of Contents

Items marked "CPF" are "Checkin Pending Feedback", meaning there is an implementation that has been proposed to Python-Dev and is ready to be checked in if there are no objections.

Items marked "PATCH" have a patch registered with the Python patch tracker for feedback prior to checkin.

2.5 Alpha 1 Targets (4/5/06)

Distutils Enhancements

PEP 342 - Coroutines/Generator Enhancements

  • (DONE) traceback argument to throw() needs to accept an explicit None
  • (DONE) throw() needs to support propagating string exceptions
  • (DONE) document that yield can now occur inside try/finally
  • (DONE #1463867) Enhance garbage collector to allow breaking cycles that pass through simple generator states (i.e., ones with no active try blocks).
  • review stdlib/langref/tutorial/whatsnew docs for correctness/completeness

PEP 343 - The "with" statement

  • (DONE) Document the with statement in the language reference
  • (DONE) Document the context manager protocol in the language reference
  • (DONE) Implement context support for dummy_thread
  • (DONE) Document the contextlib module in the library reference
  • (DONE) Document PEP 343 changes to thread, threading, file, and Decimal
  • (DONE) Fix contextlib.contextmanager not copying __dict__
  • (DONE) Fix SF#1462485: StopIteration raised in body of with statement suppressed
  • (DONE) Apply Guido's cleanup suggestion to the StopIteration catch


  • (DONE) Fix PEP 343 contextmanager __exit__() issue and missing RuntimeError
  • (REJECTED) Have site module process .pth files in all sys.path dirs, not just "site-packages" dirs (this is actually optional, but it would eliminate the need for easy_install to do hacks when it installs stuff to PYTHONPATH dirs.)

2.5 Alpha 2 Targets (4/29/06)

Setuptools Integration

  • (DONE) Release setuptools 0.6a11
  • (DONE) Cut an 0.6 maintenance branch for 0.6b1 and beyond
  • (DONE) Move to setuptools/ for 2.5 stdlib compatibility
  • (DONE) Misc. cleanup/reorg work to
  • (DONE) re-enable 'python -m easy_install' so that on 2.5 this will work out-of-the-box
  • (DONE) Integrate setuptools' tests with the Python regression test framework
  • (DONE) Copy setuptools, easy_install, and pkg_resources to the Python Lib/ trunk
  • Implement installation manifest to allow uninstallation & egg roundtripping for system packages
  • Implement install_egg_info manifest generation in distutils
  • Copy launcher.c to PC/setuptools?
  • Create PKG-INFO files for ctypes and ElementTree

PEP 302 Finish-Out

  • (DONE in r45248) Make traceback, inspect, linecache, site, warnings, and doctest support modules imported from zipfiles or other PEP 302 loaders, including tests for the new functionality and updated library docs where needed.
  • (DONE) Make pydoc support zipped modules and packages (using pkg_resources APIs)
  • (DONE) Migrate PEP 302 support code from stdlib runpy and pkg_resources to pkgutil
  • (DONE) Add code to support find/load of modules ala imp, but using full PEP 302 semantics
  • Add C code to imp to expose PEP 302 loader finding


  • Update pkgutil library reference chapter with info about new APIs
  • Convert pkg_resources.txt to a library reference chapter and add to setuptools build
  • Convert other setuptools manuals to pythondoc format

The wsgiref Library

  • (DONE) Implement Guido's patch for proper HTTP Date: header format
  • (DONE) Create documentation for the package in PythonDoc format
  • (DONE) Copy source and docs to the stdlib, along with a PKG-INFO
  • (DONE) Integrate the test suite with the stdlib test suite
  • (DONE) Integrate the docs with the stdlib docs

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