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Developing a PEAK Application

This tutorial will trace the development of a new PEAK application, starting from design and moving through the use of the "core" PEAK modules into more advanced areas. The idea is that, unlike the IntroToPeak tutorial, the PEAK concepts and modules are introduced gradually, from the perspective of a Python developer new to PEAK.

The author is such a developer. The tutorial will, I hope, chart the development of a real application. I'll keep my worst mistakes to myself, though :-)

The Tutorial Application

The application we will be developing is a system monitoring framework. It will run on a central server, and check a number of other systems for availability. At the end of the run, a summary report will be produced.

This description is deliberately vague. At this point, we don't have all the details of what is required. We'll refine the requirements as we go along. Also, in the longer term, there could be a whole suite of applications like this, checking different things, providing different forms of report, and so on. Ideally, our application should be configurable at runtime to support all of these options. And that is one of PEAK's strengths - that we can do just that.

The Lessons

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