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Bind variables are placeholders in a pattern that "bind" themselves to the
value found in that location in the matched data structure. Thus, in the
example above, ``\`x\``` and ``\`y\``` are bind variables, and cause "y"
example above, ```x``` and ```y``` are bind variables, and cause "y"
in the later part of the expression to refer to the right-hand side of the
``is`` operator being matched. (The arbitrary value ``v2`` in the example

    >>> b
    {'x': [Local('y'), Local('z')]}
Finally, there is a special exception for bind variables named ``\`_\```: that
Finally, there is a special exception for bind variables named ```_```: that
is, a single underscore. Bind variables of this name are never stored in the
`binds`, and always return ``True`` as a predicate, allowing you to use them as
"don't care" placeholders::

The ``match()`` Pseudo-function
This isn't really a function, but you can use it in a predicate string in order
to perform a pattern match on a PEAK-Rules AST. It's mainly intended for use
in extending PEAK-Rules to recognize and replace various kinds of subexpression
patterns (e.g. by adding rules to ``predicates.expressionSignature()``), but it
can of course also be used in any other tools you build atop PEAK-Rules'
expression machinery.
In this example, we show it being used to define a rule that will recognize
expressions of the form ``"type(x) is y"``, where x and y are arbitrary
    >>> from peak.rules.syntax import match
    >>> from peak.rules.predicates import CriteriaBuilder

                               Value('is', True))])
    >>> builder.expr_builder.bindings[0]
    >>> builder.bindings[0]
    {'y': Getitem(Getitem(Getitem(Local('expr'), Const(2)), Const(0)), Const(1)),
     'x': Getitem(Getitem(Getitem(Local('expr'), Const(1)), Const(2)), Const(0))}

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