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||{{{[[Icon(image)]]}}} || display system icons || See HelpOnNavigation ||
||{{{[[UserPreferences]]}}} || display a user preferences dialog || See UserPreferences ||
||{{{[[BR]]}}} || insert a line break || 1st line[[BR]]2nd line ||
||{{{[[Include(HelloWorld[,"heading"[,level]])]]}}} || include contents of another page || [[Include(HelloWorld)]] ||
||{{{[[Include(FrontPage[,"heading"[,level]])]]}}} || include contents of another page || [[Include(FrontPage)]] ||
||{{{[[FootNote(text)]]}}} || Add a footnote (the text cannot contain any wiki markup), or explicitely display collected footnotes when no args are given || See HelpOnPageCreation for an example ||
||{{{[[Date(timestamp)]]}}} || display a timestamp according to system settings || [[Date()]] ||
||{{{[[DateTime(timestamp)]]}}} || display a timestamp[[FootNote("timestamp" can be empty (current time), a number of seconds since 1970 (unix timestamp), or a W3C time specification ("2002-01-23T12:34:56").)]] according to user settings || [[DateTime()]] ||

== Example Display ==
We don't show examples for all macros here, because that would make this page quite long. Here is is the replacement text for the {{{[[SystemInfo]]}}} macro:

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