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}}} and turns them into pictures that look like this:
Many people have created interesting tools that use GraphViz to draw diagrams of workflow processes, clickpaths through a website, profiler call charts, even UML class diagrams. Most such programs use hardcoded templates for their `.dot` files and can be difficult to change because you have to know both the `dot` language and the application area of the software. In this tutorial, we'll develop a sophisticated framework for creating `.dot` files from application data that will give you flexible, object-oriented control over the visual objects to be rendered by GraphViz. We'll begin with a very simple structure using only three classes, and then, step by step, we'll show you more advanced ways to use the `peak.model` tools as we gradually enhance the framework's power and flexibility. Along the way, we'll share tips and techniques for ways to make the best design decisions for your own applications, in similar situations.

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